Yoga can helps us get out of our heads, even for a few minutes.

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I find myself once again in throws of an app project, my shoulders tensed and hunched so high I can almost brush my earlobes. I barely remember the last time I’ve eaten real food, let alone exercised, and while my brain is telling me that a 30 minute break on my yoga mat is time that I could be spending finishing this one last feature, my body knows the truth.

I have a recurring pain in my upper back I not-so-affectionately refer to as ‘stress shoulder.’…

Anyone who’s been through a bootcamp environment knows that more than the imposter syndrome or exhaustion, the thing to fear most are the roadblocks of Project Week.

The five to six–day marathon of coding that is Project Week is not without its moment’s of oddly intense joy: finally fixing that bug that’s been plaguing you for hours or the first time your app a feature runs cleanly. But its lows are truly the lowest. …

For beginning learners of Javascript there are few concepts more daunting and head-spinning than the concept of ‘asynchronous’ functionality.

My prior experience to jumping headfirst into the ocean of JavaScript was in Ruby—a language our instructor continually described as ‘so friendly!’ Ruby’s appeal for beginning coders is how well it illustrates many of the tenets of object-oriented-programming while being a bit more user friendly and readable (and with great error handling).

Who doesn’t love a good Ruby error message?

JavaScript can feel like a whole other world, especially when it comes to synchronous versus asynchronous functionality.

Ruby, for the most part, feels like it handles code with pure…

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Are you an absolute (or relative) beginner at Ruby on Rails? Do you want to dip your toe into the vast sea of APIs in order to make your Rails app more dynamic? This is the place for you—welcome, friend!

A note: below is a chronicle of what worked for my app, which used the YelpFusion API. I am, like you, a beginner at Rails, and as we both know, there are hundreds of ways to solve the same problem in programming.

What is an API?

A quick google will tell you that API stands for Application Programming Interface and that, at their core…

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